The hills are alive…

If you read our blog, you may wonder if we ever do anything but travel to amazing places. We have been incredibly blessed over the last year to visit some awesome places, but we do in fact do things besides travel! The things we do on a daily basis week in and week out are not usually the things we choose to write on the blog. Sometimes because we just can’t, and other times because we are certain you don’t want to hear every mundane detail of our life and work! (Well, I had language class, then went to the cafe again, then I took a taxi for the 5th time today, then I walked way out of my way to get veggies from a different place so I could meet a new veggie guy, then I got more footage of traffic and people walking around…etc.)

We do try to pick the interesting things to share on the blog, both here at home, and also when we see other places. We recently had to do some travel for work, so we tacked on 3 vacation days and did some hiking in the Swiss Alps! It is probably the most beautiful place we have ever seen. The mountains were incredible. We have a lot of pictures to share. Hope you enjoy them.

We spent a lot of our time hiking.  An endless network of trails ran through the forests and mountains .The trails were really well marked with signs and time estimates.

Looking down into the town of Interlaken. The huge glaciated peaks of the Alps rise in the distance. Jungfrau is the snowy peak in the center of the picture.

Interlaken means, “between the lakes.” There are two huge lakes fed by the mountain glaciers on either side of the small town. The water was an amazing color, and also amazingly glacially ridiculously cold.

Our first hike was about 2.5 hours up one of the steepest and hardest trails we’ve ever done. It was an awesome view from the top. We were literally the only ones going up this trail. The most popular way to get to the view and the restaurant up here is to take the incredibly steep train. After hanging out at the top for a little while, we were lucky enough to get a show from the swiss fighter jets.

Check out the viewing platform! It was really neat, and slightly freaky to walk out on.

This was on the hike back. We ended up passing through some farmland and huge open meadows. We paid for all the gradual descending at the end of the trail though. I thought the hike UP was steep…wow.

It’s funny to slip this picture in among all to the beautiful scenery, but this is pretty interesting. We found this in the basement of the apartment we were renting. Turns out that it is a law in Switzerland that each home must be equipped with a nuclear shelter, or pay to have access to a public one! Can you believe that?

Our next hike required a long train ride up part of the mountain. We were planning to do the Eiger trail, which runs along the base of Eiger Mountain, and passes by the infamous “North Face.”

This was a stream made from the glacial/snow melt coming off the mountain. We couldn’t believe how clear the water was.

Jonathan after touching said water. It was COLD, y’all.

Great spot for a picnic lunch. Can we go back, please?

These are seriously views we’ve only dreamed of seeing. Still hard to believe this really happened!

Here’s Jonathan hiking off trail to check out a small glacier.

A bit further up the trail, we actually came back to the glacier, and guess what? It was a cave! The water from the snow melt higher up the mountain had actually carved it out like a big tube.

Wow. Looking back up over the top of the “ice cave,” which we dubbed it. Wonder what we did next?

Went in to check it out, of course!

This is looking out the other end. It was really cold inside the ice cave. There was freezing glacial water dripping on us constantly, and we could see our breath in the air. Totally worth it though, definitely one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen, and our favorite experience of the hike!

Here’s a view from the train window on the way back down. We marked the trail in red so you can see where we went. The first train took us to the very right of the picture, and we caught a different train back in this town at the base of the mountain. We did 7 hours of hiking and about 2 hours of train rides. What a wonderful day!

How does Jonathan manage to find us a mexican restaurant no matter where we visit? He’s awesome, that’s how.

Our last hike was to a lake near First Mountain. We took a train and a cable car up part of the way, and then did an relatively easy (compared to the other 2 hikes) but absolutely stunning hike to the lake. We passed so many of these cows grazing. They had huge bells around their necks, and there was quite the ruckus every time the herd decided to move.

Emilie was determined/obsessed with getting a photo of the cows, with bells, in front of a nice view of the mountains. These guys were nice enough to pose for a successful shot. They are not fake. Promise.

This is not fake either. Seriously? Wow.

3 thoughts on “The hills are alive…

  1. Unbelievable pics!!! So glad u are seeing God s creation first hand!!! Making us “travel hungry” !!! V

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Unbelievably beautiful scenery (and photography!). What a wonderful opportunity for you to experience so much of God’s world ☺

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