Fall Veggies

Its a busy season of life, and it seems like it takes a miracle to get anything done with these two crazy boys. That includes blog posts. Usually, unless there is something big or important to share, a blog post never gets done. However, I’ve been reminded recently, that indeed many of the things that have become “everyday” to me are actually quite different. Trying to help some new expat friends to get settled in has given me fresh eyes and a new perspective about the things we’ve come to accept as normal!

I’m hoping this gives me more of an opportunity to record the seemingly mundane of our everyday experiences. We will look back on them with fondness and hopefully friends and family back in the US may find them interesting.

There is a small grocery store just steps from the door of our apartment building. We usually do most of our shopping there. We bring our own bags and anything we buy we carry back home. We tend to stock up more than our neighbors, and only go every few days. Here, it’s not uncommon to shop by the day or even meal by meal. The store is great because there is fresh produce, shelf items, and a butcher there. Also…you can’t beat the convienience factor. I do get excited, however, when we have time to load up in the car and drive to a local market. On Thursday and Sunday mornings, the farmers from the surrounding mountain villages come into the city to sell their bounty. Most items you buy from them will be “organic” and in peak season. We try to do this as often as we can, and we tend to buy more at once.


I made this haul a few weeks ago, all for under $15! You’re looking at carrots, zucchini, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, bananas, apples, peanuts, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, and broccoli (imported, not local).

And after soaking in a bright purple mixture of potassium permaganate and giving it a good rinsing, it’s all ready for your eating pleasure. I was proud of my purchases and we ate on them for a couple of weeks.


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